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      The members of the Session depend on you to help with the different ministries of our congregation. You may hear from them as they ask folks to get involved in serving our Lord Jesus, our congregation, our community, and the world.

      Listed below are the responsibilities of the Ministry Teams, and the elders serving on the teams. If you are interested in participating in any of these important areas in the life of our church, please contact the appropriate elder or the minister.


Responsibilities of Ministry Teams


Christian Education (Danielle Sills, Debbie Price):  work in planning and overseeing the entire Christian Education program (e.g., Sunday School, youth groups, outdoor ministries, confirmation, etc.); recruit and train Sunday School Superintendent, Sunday School teachers and youth leaders; Vacation Bible School.

Building and Grounds (Blake Wallace, Royal Johnson): oversee the maintenance and development of the physical plant and grounds; be responsible for opening and closing the building on Sundays and at other times when needed; develop a long-range building and grounds maintenance plan; supervise and communicate with the weekly cleaning crew; cleaning supplies.

Personnel (Blake Wallace):  oversee all personnel matters; regularly review the personnel handbook and recommend policy changes as needed; conduct annual reviews of church staff; organize and compile the church Manual of Operations; oversee the church safety policies and background checks.

Worship and Music (Joyce Ange, Sandy Cobb):  oversee the worship life of the congregation; be responsible for ushers, greeters, and nursery workers, sanctuary guild, Kirkwood Sunday, community Advent services, communion, pulpit supply; sanctuary decorating for Advent/Christmas.

Stewardship and Finance (Curt Simpson):  oversee the financial matters of the congregation; prepare and submit the annual budget in consultation with the ministry teams; provide for the annual audit of church accounts; evaluate and propose special offerings; develop a year-round program of Stewardship education for the congregation; assist church treasurer with counting the weekly offerings.

Outreach (Kevin Johnson):  oversee the outreach ministries of our congregation, including the Helping Hands Food Pantry, Duplin Christian Outreach Ministries (DCOM), Celebrate Recovery, St. Nicholas project, disaster responses (e.g., special offerings, work teams, shelter operation in a local emergency, etc.); Zambia mission; develop a congregational awareness of mission and outreach needs and opportunities in our community, presbytery, denomination, and worldwide.

Congregational Care (Nell Sloan):  oversee the spiritual nurture and pastoral care of the congregation; develop and implement a new member identification, support, and assimilation program (e.g., identification, initial contacts, welcome baskets, follow-up contacts, new member classes, sponsors, etc.); work with the minister to develop and offer spiritual nurture opportunities (e.g., retreats, studies, etc.); congregational communication (e.g., website, e-mail communications, etc.).

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