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Puerto Rico Mission Team Forming Now

Our Presbytery is forming a
Mission Team Traveling
to Puerto Rico in February of 2024

Three Hurricanes – Irma, Maria and Fiona –
caused tremendous destruction in Puerto Rico.

  • Over 1,000 families are still waiting — with homes damaged by wind and rain, storm surge and other forces of nature — for assistance in their rebuilding.
  • Insurance payments were not enough.  
  • Disaster Recovery is a long process made even longer by the pandemic restrictions.
  • Yet the hope many of these families is for volunteers to help them rebuild. 
  • Their dream for safe and secure housing is made possible only through the labor and love of volunteers who hammer, paint, fix and repair so that their restoration come to fruition.

Our Presbytery knows all too well the pain of a hurricane’s furry and devastation. We have received the blessing of work groups coming from other states to help us and our neighbors rebuild.  

Let’s return the favor by sending a work team to Puerto Rico in February of 2024.

Presbytery is forming a work team of 12 to possibly 24 persons to travel to a Presbyterian Disaster Assistance host site in Puerto Rico then work with partner agencies to help in rebuilding work.

Do you, or someone you know, want to be part of this team?

Can you help share this invitation with others so that everyone has the opportunity to apply? We also hope that your congregation will support the team with prayer.

Persons interested to be part of this team may apply now to be part of the team. For this first trip, will be limiting participation to active members of our Presbyterian churches in Coastal Carolina. If more applicants are received than we have spots available, we will select team participants based upon several factors and notify them by September 5th. This is an adult trip.

The cost of the trip is $1,300 per person. This cost includes airfare from Raleigh to San Juan, transportation, most meals, and lodging.  Participants are welcome to ask their home church to financially support both their personal portion of the trip and/or make a gift to support the overall team.

Please share this opportunity with persons in your church that may be interested to be part of this Disaster Recovery Work Team to Puerto Rico.

To apply persons need to complete this online form
by August 23, 2023.

Once persons are selected for the team, a deposit of $500 will be due in Mid-September with the balance due in early January. The exact travel dates will be set by early September and will be up to 8 days total (Saturday to Saturday, for example).

If you have questions, please contact Laura Lupton at Lauralupton@presbycc.org 910-818-9938 or David Smithey at 336-466-6370.  Persons who feel called to financially support this trip or sponsor participants should contact us about how to remit those generous donations.


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