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Community Counseling Center Centerpoint



It’s a foolish thing to compare yourself to other people.  It’s foolish because, in measuring yourself against others, you’re not only being unfair to yourself, but you’re likely undercutting your self-esteem as well.  In looking too closely at others for comparison’s sake, you may well fail to recognize your own good personal qualities, strengths and gifts.


Each of us needs a solid and realistic sense of self to function well in our personal living and in our relationships.  Having an increasingly strong picture of oneself is not at all necessarily self-centered or narcissistic.  Rather it shows a mature ability to recognize one’s growing strengths and one’s ability to manage life well.


Comparing ourselves unfavorably with others leads us to turn away from the One who created us and takes delight in us.  Our energy and attention can be better devoted to accepting, with humility and thanks, what God is shaping within us, as well as respecting the mixture of strengths and weaknesses in ourselves and others.  We’re invited to work closely with Him, in our daily prayers and devotions, to build upon what He has given us.  In this way, God’s esteem for us becomes our esteem for ourselves.


Call 910-452-7370, and visit the Center: www.wantcounseling.com


Counselors:  Ann C. Thacker and Jonathan R. Kelley

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